Saturday, January 15, 2011

When in Paris, too much chocolate is too much

This morning I started my day with two slices of toast and Nutella spread. The first meeting of the day has a box of truffles present in the room, teasing me to try- which of course I did with my coffee. Then, there was a wonderful little cafe restaurant that my manager recommended, and I had the most delicious Pain au Chocolat I ever had from there. I headed to the BPI headquarters and bought a wonderful crepe with melted cheese. I then had two chocolate truffles with the coffee that followed and a dessert of fromage blanc when Helene was having her lunch. I then had another French sweet, un galette framboise- almost like a cake/pie/pastry mix. I was full for the rest of the day at work until I was heading home to prepare for my weekly trip to the Lourve and laid my eyes on a bunch of sweets:

So I think that I have a problem.. Because, I just had to see that Chocolate pie thing right there in the center, and I bought it. I am a chocoholic and living in Paris doesn't help. BTW, photos are for you Jo! I'll make sure I take many more! I don't mean to make this blog a food diary or whatever some people do these days, but this chocolate addiction is out of hand, wouldn't you agree?

So I had a very wonderful day! I saw the Place de la Bastille- A prison used to stand there before it was destroyed in the French Revolution. 

When I took the subway today to get to work from the meeting in the morning, I saw this woman speaking on the phone while her baby sat there in her little 'area' sucking happily. I was so amused by this baby's wide eyes watching the exciting world of the subway and so patiently waiting to get to her destination. It was as if the baby was used to this way of life and still watched everything around her. Maybe she was her mommy's body guard watching whether any pickpockets were around. The baby didn't move but her eyes rolled around to her heart's desire.  I couldn't resist taking a picture. 

 So contrary to last week, I wanted to get as many pictures of me as possible. I asked different people take these pictures and it's so nice to see what comes out as the result. I particularly like the last one since I distinctly remember being fascinated by the story that the statue has been made to imitate. It is of the Greek runner who ran the first marathon to tell a town in Greece that they had won the war. He died after telling them the news from the speed and amount of running.

 I was very much inspired by several students all throughout the Louvre who were practicing their Art skills and drawing images of the statues from different angles. Maybe I'll do that next week- but with no instruction.. I liked this second picture so much because I felt like I could take this baby fro under his arms and make him feel better... It is a statues of St. John the Baptist when he was a baby. I don't know why they portray him to be sad here. This last picture is yet another picture of me as I look at other Art Objects that were owned by people in the 10th to the 13th century.

I love the courtyards in the Louvre. I feel like a rich Roman daughter when I walk among the statues. Their environment is very suiting with the glass roofing.
The second two images are of Mosaics. My mother loves mosaics so I had to take these pictures. I was impressed by how small the mosaics were and put my hand there to give you a reference point.  Beautiful!

Even though the Louvre seems to say that Napoleon the third owned this apartment. It is not true. I am the owner of this apartment. It is my home here in Paris. As you can see, that's me in the lobby. I usually put friends' children here when they come to visit me. That way they have nothing to break since there is really nothing in these rooms. It's a free space for them to run free.

 That is my fire place. It is grand and it is turned on every night but tonight I wanted you to focus on me in the picture-not the fire... That is the courtyard right outside my apartment. It is well kept by my neighbors, the Louvre. As you can see, the last picture is of me in the sitting room. I love chandeliers so I had them installed throughout. I hate it when people walk on my carpet with their shoes, so I prohibited the camera men from entering my sitting room by putting those poles and rope- less cleaning for me, I mean my servants!

This statue to the left is so nice! At first glance, it looked as though it was of a naked man checking his messages on his smart phone. I had to take another glance to see exactly what he was holding - a twig perhaps. Maybe he had the idea for the smart phone but didn't know exactly how to make it work. Planning is as important as making it happen! It made me smile in amusement at myself for thinking for that very brief second that he was checking his emails..

That's a picture of me and my favorite China. It's only for VIP guests so if you visit me, I'll make sure to take them out of the cupboard to use them!

 This picture is of my main Salon. The room is so big that I had to have two pictures taken. I had that famous Michael Angelo come over and paint the Sisteen Chapel on my ceiling. He said that masterpieces are not repainted so he proposed to paint my more recent ancestors instead. I agreed. I love the rouge on that gold. Only the best for my place in Paris. Please do visit!

This is the dining room table. I like to sit at the head when I have guests coming from all over the world. Also, the chandelier above my seat there makes it easier to see what I am eating. The lighting is not as good for guests sitting in the other seats. Don't worry, I'll feed you well. I just need to see that I don't eat too much Chocolate...

 This is where I sit on my throne when I rule my little world.

 This mirror was for a countess I believe in the 18th century. Those jewel crowns are of emerald and diamond. Which one should I wear next?

 That seat is the throne of Napoleon I. I wish I could have sat where he sat!
That third picture has all the Louvre employees in the distance. To empty out the museum when they are set to close, all the Louvre employees move from room to room collecting othe Louvre employees and visitors. They are a swarm of people dressed in black pushing the visitors out. I don't like it because I feel like I am being attacked or targeted by a cult. As soon as they start to gather, I try to resist and then try to go ahead of them by a lot so that I could comfortably 'decide' to leave.

Under the pyramid of the Louvre. You can see one of the parts of the Louvre as I take the picture from below the ground. 

So much more to see at this museum. Can't wait to visit it next!

Till the next,


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  1. Love love love the food pictures!!! Your trials and tribulations in Paris are hilarious. Your personality comes through loud and clear in your writing :) Just know that you have a dedicated fan base!