Wednesday, January 19, 2011

I am a chef in Paris!

Yes, you heard right. I am a chef in Paris. I thought I was one in Saudi Arabia, Canada, and even amongst my maternal grandma and eldest aunt in Lebanon, but I am not. In those locations, I was accustomed to going to a grocery store or the house fridge to collect my goods so that I could create something that looks and tastes superb.  Yes, I can still attempt to make a good meal wherever I am, but the difference in Paris is the act of going from store to store collecting the right ingredients. That is what I am talking about. That is what makes you feel like a chef!

Yesterday night, I walked the streets of Paris choosing the right Patisserie, vegetable place, cheese place etc. to collect the best ingredients to put together. I was so proud of myself for the sandwich I made in the evening, even though it was just a sandwich. The baguette was wonderous and the cheese, so flavourful!
I no longer am a fan of the grocery stores though they offer the competitive quality of convenience. I am now a committed fan to being picky about the ingredients I buy and the copious amounts of walking/traveling required to make the best meal concoction ever.

I believe this is the Fromagerie. I ended up buying a block of cheese from that that big yellow one show at the top of the first picture. Goes wonderfully with baguettes.

This is the second time I go to this Patisserie/Boulangerie. The baguette was for 1 euro and tasted like gold!! I think that sandwich tasted so good because I had made that extra effort NOT to go to the grocery store. Or maybe it's because I went to stores that specialized in creating what they're good at creating.

I also bought a vanille macaron. I'm telling you, this addiction to macarons is not good!

 There was even a food shop that specialized in selling frozen foods. They're all freezers inside! I'll get back to you on how frozen food tastes here in Paris.

On an exciting note, I finally got my bank card today! LCL is a great bank for students who plan to stay in France for less than a year. It took me a week to get this card, which is also a Credit Card (Carte Bleue) when I don't have money in the account.

 The following is a picture of a popular Lebanese restaurant in Paris. I will have to try it soon but I wanted to post it here because it reminded me of a good friend of mine! Miss you Noora.

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  1. Love the cheese and your macaron addiction! Picard has pretty good frozen escargots, you should try it!