Tuesday, January 25, 2011

French museums, movies, churches, lunch, tea time, and tubes

Life in Paris has been good. Though life without continuous access to the internet is difficult!

FRIDAY (January 21st)
The Louvre continues to be be a fascination. I went with a friend so I wasn't able to ponder the beauty of the masterpieces and take a photo of everyone, but instead was amused by aspects of some pieces through the opinion of my friend.

We then walked through the Latin Quarters to get to a famous Crepes place. I took pictures of the process.


SATURDAY (January 22nd) 
I went to a movie theater with a few friends I had just recently met. The movie tickets were the equivalent of 5 dollars per person for those under 26!!!  I think I will go every weekend! No? But I do miss my movie partners!!!!! :-)

We went to this movie thinking it would be in English but it turned out to be in French and Arabic. My friend was so nice to translate the French parts to me throughout the movie. We did have complainers but they were nice and understanding..

The movie is called Incendies. Click on that link to be taken to the youtube trailer. I do recommend it though it is a little harsh for my taste.

 There was a lot of people. I was impressed by the amount of people that showed up.
I was also carded on my way to the theater room. Do I look older than 26? :-p

SUNDAY (January 23rd)

I woke up a little late on Sunday morning so I had to go to a nearby church. It was in French, so the experience was quite enlightening. I could follow the whole French liturgy because it was the same as the English Divine Liturgy I know quite well.

 We went for lunch at a nearby restaurant where I had raw meat as the French like to have it. I really enjoyed it!

We then went to a tea place that was so classy and so wonderful with all it's tea scents.
I also loved seeing all the quite expensive teapots and took a few pictures because my mom collects teapots.

 We ordered Marco Polo tea and Caramel Orange tea with cake and Macarons.

And yes, in case you were wondering, I am gaining those pounds! But I will only be in Paris for 3 months and 1 week more. The dieting will start soon after but while I am here, yes, I will indulge!

MONDAY (January 24th) 

A month after Christmas holiday. I miss my family!!
Nonetheless, I met up with a friend after work and enjoyed another movie at that theater that likes those who aren't 26 yet! (I won't claim that they are ageists until I turn 26!)

On the way back, I was told that the metro train was operated automatically so we went to the front end of the subway train where I was dumbfounded to find what I was told to be true!

 If you look closely, you could see the tracks! I stepped back so you could see how there is NO operator actually ON the train!

This is what you see behind where the operator is supposed to sit. There are no doors or sections within this subway train. You can go from the front of the train to the back without having to open any doors or get off. This way, the subway company can maximize passenger space! It looks so clean and sophisticated too.

I hope you have been doing well. Please bear with me as I currently don't have internet access at home. I MISS HOME!! (Canada and family!)

Till the next,



  1. I love what you are writing on your blog it makes me feel that you are near me.It is conforting in this rough time i am going throuhg.... When you come back though i will cook your favorite food so be carefull with what you eat there LOL. take good care of your sister and enjoy your time... I love you

  2. Hey viva... when is the next post??? i am waiting...