Thursday, January 6, 2011

Meeting after meeting after meeting after.. Yes..  another meeting.. I attended 4 meetings today. They were  all in French.  Call me crazy, but I feel like I learned so much over the day that I thought I had mastered the French language by the end of the day. I understood the last meeting the most. But then again, the meetings varied in style. The first was a weekly meeting that included around 15 ladies. The second was a smaller meeting of 3 ladies including myself. The third was a seminar type for one whole branch of the business. We had a PhD student come in and talk about creativity and its essence. It was quite intense! The last meeting was  a small group of 6 consultants, students, and managers in a brainstorming discussion. I enjoyed the last one most since I understood what everyone was saying, at least I think I understood.. It was also wonderful to see a French discussion of ideas and terms.
I got home at 9pm today. It was a very busy work day with the meetings. I am loving everything of the French. I feel like it's a great mix between what I love about Canada and what I love about Lebanon. 

Honestly, I wasn't going to make an entry to the blog today, but Paris doesn't let up! I was heading home and right outside my building, there was a protest. It was Tunisian so I appreciated the familiarity. The first  protest in Paris, and I definitely took pictures when I passed by and from my window. 

Tunisian solidarity!!

Before I end off today, I want to thank everyone for their support. Being in a new place is not easy, and your words of encouragement mean the word to me; I am already quite homesick! 
But, as recommended, I will drink all the wine I can, experience the food, enjoy the Louvre, other museums and landmarks once every few weeks- remembering the history lessons concerning the French revolution and soo much more. I will travel around Europe, make the most out of these 4 months, and take you with me. Thanks for following my blog and sharing your comments.

Till the next,

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  1. Go Viva!, it sounds like you're having an amazing time out there, soon you'll be one of them lol :) Keep the blogs coming, they're awesome to read and i'm passing them onto my family as well. I miss you alot, hope you're having a blast. And my official advice is in line with what you've already been told, eat and drink like it's your job!