Thursday, February 17, 2011

Women of the Orient in Paris

Musée D'Orsay! I am not allowed to take pictures inside but I couldn't help it with my non-flash iphone.

I am a fan of Manet

My phone here sucks. There are times that I can't answer incoming calls and it makes me mad! I used to have an iphone for my cell phone in Canada and I miss its easy access to the internet so badly! The reason why I switched is because I was worried that I would be pickpocketed and I didn't want to worry about losing my iphone though it is an older model. A good friend got me a phone for free but I don't want to lose that one either because it currently holds my Saudi cell chip. Yes, I have 3 phones with me and I choose the worst to carry around. Maybe I'll stomp on it when I am done with it!! :) 

 I am falling for the Seine!


Musée Quai Branly is a great museum in Paris! They had a special exhibition on the 'Women of the Orient'

 This is Lebanese :)

 They had old Arabic movies playing on one of the TVs

Who knew that embroidery actually was practiced by our ancestors before North America made it a hobby. Mom, I think you will like this:

This is a little about the book they were exhibiting...
Yes, we had to show our appreciation for their work.. We are women of the Orient!! :-)

Just the other night I walked passed some nice windows...

It was a beautiful street in Paris full of some great jewelery and other fineries.

Till the next,

A woman of the Orient in Paris

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