Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The French know how to eat

I was invited to a lunch with my colleagues yesterday. It was a little celebration for my birthday and I really enjoyed the time together. From this picture you can see that I also enjoyed the dessert! I remember also stating that 'the French know how to eat' by which they all responded with smiles and light laughs. I can imagine that they thought: 'Of course we know how to eat!' assuming they took it literally and didn't understand my way of expressing my appreciation for their cuisine. They could have also thought: 'Of course French food is good, we don't allow junk into our mouths!'- not that they would think other cuisine is junk, just that French take much care into the pleasures of life that it wouldn't make sense to simply eat out of  boredom. Whatever the case, I don't think they could relate to my appreciation since they are used to this quality. But again, I don't mean to say cuisine that is not French is low in quality. All I have realized during my month and a half in Paris is that the French make every bite count. I hope I can learn from them.

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