Friday, February 11, 2011

Vous me manquez...

I love to reflect. If I could sum up my childhood experience into the activities I was most consistent and determined at, it would be (1) making my parents proud and (2) writing in journals/diaries/sketchbooks/computer files. A sudden need to organize my life, an emotion I needed to express, worries that bogged me down, splurges of need to create art all gave me reason to run to the secret place I kept my thoughts to write what so bothered me. So it was really expected that I take notes as I discover the experience of living in Paris (Another Friday at the Louvre tonight!). I didn't think about writing a blog until, a good friend and mentor of mine suggested it to me from his experience in Kenya. Nik shared with me his blog which I would like to share here:

One of his entries inspires me to write today's; what I miss about my life in Canada...

  1. Sitting in a great-looking office that has yet to be improved for ventilation, I wish I was cold right now. I know I will regret this later, but I do miss the cold weather that pinches my cheeks and makes them red. Mostly, I miss the snow just because it really made a steel city look like a calm and serene place just before those noisy snow trucks passed by. It is cold in Paris but right now sitting in the office after work hours, I am hot!
  2. GO, HSR, TTC! I miss you!! Do you know how complicated the metro system is here in Paris?? If GO was here, I could figure out a way to go to versaille on my own! I could probably get to parts of France quite easily. It seems so complicated here- maybe that's because of the language which leads me to my next point.
  3. L'anglais me manque! I miss the language I can speak in without having to translate in my head. I miss being able to express myself to a stranger on the street- not that I would in Hamilton... I just miss that I could communicate if I wanted to- we'll see where two and a half more months gets me.
  4. My apartment in Hamilton was small compared to others, but relative to my small studio here, it was HUGE! I miss the space I had when I wanted to go to the kitchen. Oh, and I miss kitchens. I have an electric oven-top, small fridge and small counter oven on a table- that is the kitchen here! I also think quite often of the bed I had in Canada. Do you know how nerve-racking it is to wake up in the morning and have to climb down a ladder to get ready for work?
  5. I miss my cat.. He is happy from what I hear with his new owner, but I loved how he would sit right next to my head when I watched TV with his paw outstretched on to my shoulder. :-)
  6. I no longer have internet at my fingertips. Yes, I am at the computer right now and am going to post this on the internet, but I don't have internet on my phone or at home. It is not easy! McDonald's is my best friend here because he let's me use his Wi-Fi. How did the generations before smart phones survive? 
  7. Ambitious City Toastmasters!!!! I miss the club so much. Their support and determination always gave me strength at public speaking and leadership. 
  8. McMaster University... the maroon, white, and gold, don't forget me!
  9. I miss my friends.. I made some of my closest friends during my years in Canada.
  10. Finally, and quite dearly, I miss the All Saints of North America Orthodox Church in Hamilton. They were the spiritual family I spent most Sundays with. I hope you are doing well!
There are more.. lots more. The more you spend in a country, the more you will miss it.. What do you think?

It is funny that today I was speaking about how 'Tu me manques' (You I miss) is different in French than in English with my colleagues at work. After thinking about it, I like the French approach better.  <<I miss you so much that I will put 'you' before 'me'.>>

Friends, family, and Canada, I miss......

Till the next,



  1. i miss edwardo also :( .... nice post!

  2. Believe me Viva, you left a gap in our hearts as you moved on to Paris. Ambiitous City Toastmasters is a bit lessened without you. Your encouragement and your strength of character made us better for having you as a member.
    I know how you feel when you are in an environment outside the comfort zone; having flown to Paris many times, each time for a 3 day layover. I admire the fact that you can take it for such a long time. Koodos to you!!!
    Thanks for the link to ACT from your blog.
    I'm sure that your family is VERY proud of you, your accomplishments, and your drive. Take care Viva...